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David Stock, Consultant

David Stock’s success is supported by an MBA in Finance and Logistics from Wayne State University, and a BA in Economics and Management (with an emphasis in Accounting) from Albion College. He is a licensed CPA, a member of the Michigan Association of CPAs and the AICPA.

With more than 25 years of finance and accounting experience, he has utilized his education and experience in the food manufacturing, distribution of after-market auto and heavy equipment, computer services industries and consumer products, goods and distribution. For more than a decade Mr. Stock has channeled his efforts in the areas of process improvement, implementation of ERP Business systems, and financial and computer auditing.

Mr. Stock has also acted as corporate accountant, assistant plant controller, senior financial analyst and VP CFO for several companies. As a hands-on leader, he has structured effective accounting processes to ensure accurate allocation of resources, broad spectrum cost control and well-focused financial reporting.

Mr. Stock’s business acumen and his ability as a creative, conceptual thinker capable of quick problem solving. He communicates key information quickly across all departments, and at all levels of an organization, to ensure responsible financial management and reporting.

Jan Telander, President and CEO

An accomplished businessman, Jan Telander’s success in business spans over more than three decades. Mr. Telander began his lengthy tenure of developing and directing several successful business models in the early 70s. In the last few years Mr. Telander has had major successes including starting up Soltech a leading solar technology company in Sweden and China. In Spain Mr. Telander is responsible for the building of over 500 homes.

In Spain, Sweden, the UK and in the United States, he is recognized for his record of success in real estate developments and construction, private investment dealings, the acquisition and tailoring of start-up companies, including a new solar technology company. Mr. Telander’s strong belief in energy efficiency and green technology has become a focal point in his present evaluation of business opportunities.

As the founder and leader of ProGreen, Mr. Telander’s vision for success has now led him to look at Baja California as a great opportunity for future developments. ProGreen has until now been exclusively involved in real estate in Oakland County, Michigan, but has now started to look into other areas with great opportunities. At present the company is looking into possible development opportunities in Oklahoma and expansion of their on going efforts in Baja California.

Our Team

Kristen Gard, Office Manager

Kristen studied Accounting at Michigan State University. She continued her education by attaining a Masters in Accountancy from Walsh College. Her professional background includes a couple of years of public accounting, in the Big Four firm environment and mid-size firm environment.

Kristen has extensive experience in all aspects of public accounting, including audits, tax preparation, and estate and trust planning. She has since pursued the corporate side of accounting.

Christina Lombera, Corporate Secretary

With over twenty years of real estate experience, Ms. Lombera has negotiated, directed and closed voluminous real estate transactions ranging from single-family purchases, sales and leases, to complex multi-family and commercial real estate sales and acquisitions.

As the Principal Broker of ProGreen Realty, Ms. Lombera provides a broad spectrum of real estate knowledge, expertise and experience. A native of Oakland County, Michigan, Ms. Lombera is familiar with ProGreen’s target real estate market, and utilizes a hands-on approach in locating, evaluating, negotiating, and closing real estate acquisitions on behalf of ProGreen.

Ms. Lombera speaks Spanish fluently and is, with her background in the legal field, likely to have an important role in the company’s expected deepening involvement in investments in Mexico.

Our Business

ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen) (OTCQB-PGUS) based in Bloomfield, Michigan, has been engaged in acquiring, refurbishing and upgrading potential income-producing residential real estate. The properties, once refurbished, have then been leased to suitable tenants, creating good returns as rental properties.

We now however feel that the margins in this market are decreasing as prices of properties have been rising. We are now seeing greater opportunities in offering these types of properties for sale with land contracts, as so many people still are unable to qualify for conventional credit to purchase a home. We will be able to maintain high margins and at the same time create an opportunity for people to own their homes.

Recently we've been focusing our experience, investments and interest in agricultural land in Baja California, Mexico. We have entered into a joint venture with a Mexican landowner, Inmobiliaria Contel and have jointly created Procon Baja (PROCON), our newest JV with ProGreen owning 51% and Inmobiliaria Contel 49%.

We've completed development of the first tract of land which consists of approximately 300 acres of which some 100 usable acres have been cleared. The most significant part of our preparations was an overwhelming success. We were able to drill three wells providing an abundance of water. The land will now be offered for sale to active farmers in the area.

Another agreement was recently signed for a further 1,900 acres (500-800 usable for farming), and a 3-year option for 11,500 acres (1000-2500 usable for farming). This land, once developed and prepared will be offered for long term lease (10-15 years), with the JV holding the title. This will enable ProGreen to consolidate the assets to its balance sheet.