Procon Baja JV is our joint venture subsidiary with Inmobiliaria Contel in Baja California, Mexico, with ProGreen 51% and Contel 49%. The company is managed by a board of Managing Directors consisting of three members, with two representing ProGreen and one representing Contel. At least two Managing Directors approval is required for major decisions and financial transactions, giving ProGreen full control.

...continuing JV with Contel for all of the agricultural land

Inmobiliaria Contel

Miguel Espino, Foreman and Supervisor, Growing Operations

Miguel is the Foreman and Supervisor in charge of all growing operations for Contel. He has already contributed greatly with reducing costs substantially from earlier estimates, while ensuring the timely preparations of the land for the growing operation.

He came highly recommended by Contel's client, Agricola El Consuelo, the buyer for the red chile peppers. Prior to working for Contel, Miguel was working in the La Paz area of Baja California Sur.

Miguel is originally from the San Quintin area and is very happy to return to his home to work for Contel.

Flavio Contreras Espinoza, Land Owner and JV Partner, Inmobiliaria Contel

Flavio is the representative for the extended family of landowners, and contributes substantially to the agriculture operations.

He is a husband and father of three boys.

“Our extended family has been the owner of large tracts of land in the El Rosario area of Baja California for a very long time. However, we have never been able to, in any way, use or make anything with this land as we did not have the knowledge, connections or money to develop any of it. Meeting up with and creating the joint ventures with Jan Telander and ProGreen US, Inc., has totally changed our outlook on our lives for the future. To be given the chance to partner with somebody with Jan’s knowledge, experience, and resources, is simply a chance of a lifetime and I will forever be in debt to Jan for showing the belief and confidence in me to give us this opportunity.” - Flavio

New Year’s Eve dinner, December 31, 2016, with Jan, Flavio, family and friends in Ensenada.

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