Arial View, Baja California Project

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Far view: cleared last summer, now removing rocks

​Near view: cleared and now turned over

The Baja Project is progressing well and according to plan. We have now completed clearing the first tract of land and have prepared approximately 100 acres for active farming.

As was announced at an earlier date, we're building a large reservoir, that will be lined with a special plastic sheeting to  retain the water and prevent erosion .  It is placed on the hillside to enable gravity to distribute the water naturally. 

We have drilled a total of four wells on this land, with three proving successful,  providing more water than we had ever  expected.

Work on the next phase of 500-800 acres will be starting shortly and will need much less in preparation and clearing than the first tract.  There are already wells in place on this land with plenty of water,  but as this property is 5 to 8 times larger than the previous tract, we will need to drill many more wells, to  produce the water needed for this size of farmland.

Soil turned over twice

Geographic Location of Project

More pictures will be added as work progresses

February 9, 2017