Just posted today: The following Agriculture Project photos and videos from the Arenoso farm over the past week have been added to the Agricultural Project “Photos & Videos” page, and can be accessed from the home page, or here: https://www.progreenus.com/ag-photos-videos/

November 10, 2017 Arenoso

The first year harvest of chili peppers continues at Arenoso. The images here show productive plants bearing red jalapeño peppers, as well as a rather scenic view of the farm in the background of a photo showing Boojum trees (also called Cirio or “candle” trees*) on the Arenoso land.

* Read more about the Boojum tree, one of the many natural attractions that makes Baja California a unique and popular ecotourism destination: http://www.bajainsider.com/article/baja-botany-whats-boojum

November 14, 2017 Arenoso (location video & photos)

Work in progress at ProGreen Farms™ Arenoso, clearing new land for expansion in preparation for the next season.

Arenoso is the first ProGreen Farm, est. 2017 as part of the joint venture between Contel Inmobiliaria & ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreenUS.com).

November 16, 2017 Arenoso

The images here are showing a first temporary structure that we’ve just constructed as a prototype “test bed,” for development and testing of some new processes at the Arenoso farm – as well as simply to gain some general experience with the use and benefits of malla sombra structures on the farm in preparation for next year’s operations. This is just one example of the many activities we now have going as part of our strategic planning, for what we expect to already be a breakout year the ProGreen Farms™ operations.