The setup of the agriculture operation at ProGreen Farms – Arenoso is going according to plan, and we could not be more pleased. Miguel is one of the most accomplished farm foremen in Baja California, and his experience really shows.

There is much talk about ProGreen Farms in San Quintin, where the company is drawing on the workforce, and many are wanting to be a part of this new operation. The farm currently employs a total of 56, with 13 living at the farm.

We have 40 HP pumps installed at the bottom of two of the wells that were drilled on the Arenoso land last year, one at about 220 feet and the other 300 feet below the surface, spaced apart by about ¼ mile. The above-ground pipes for both wells are being connected to feed the irrigation system this week.

Plastic sheeting will be applied over all of the growing area, to which the drip irrigation tubing will be attached, and the pepper plants will be planted through holes in the sheeting material. The plants – currently about 8 inches high – are ready, and they will be planted starting on Monday or possibly as early as Sunday.

We continue to see quite a bit of interest in the Arenoso farm, as can be seen in the above image that we received from Google yesterday. Some of the views may be from growers in the area – or their U.S. or international counterparts – that have taken note of the activity at Arenoso, as some have recently expressed even greater interest than before, to buy the land. Though the company is no longer interested in selling the land, we see this as very positive. Demand for farmable land continues to increase as the demand for produce from Baja increases. This has been the story for many years now, and the industry expects the growth in demand to continue indefinitely. We are looking forward enthusiastically to getting started later this year on the expansion of the growing operation.

We will be posting more new photos on the agriculture page over the coming days.

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