The planting of the chiles last week marked the culmination of 3 months of development of the farm, and the growing operation, at Arenoso.

As the chile seeds were being started at the nursery and the in-ground irrigation system was being designed in February, Miguel – Contel’s foreman for the operation – was busy hiring and directing workers on the land preparations.

The Arenoso farm development effort, most of which was executed over a 2-month period, has been a big success. Each step was looked after carefully to avoid delays, and every milestone was achieved without a hitch – everything from working the soil and removal of tens of truckloads of rocks from the land, to the trailers for living accommodations and storage, to the installation of fences, irrigation pipes, well pumps and plastic covers and drip tubing installation.

By the end of this week, the first 1.4 million chile plants will be in the ground on about 60 acres, to be followed by the remaining plants, consisting of additional varieties of both red and green chiles.

Recent photos showing some of activity and progress of the planting are now posted on the Agriculture Project page at

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