We have a little update to share on the projects in Baja.

We are meeting with an architect in Portland, Maine this week to further discuss the master plan designs for the oceanfront project.

Contel is bringing on an Agricultural Engineer as a lead for the farming operation, and has also established contact with a third and larger US produce importer. Meetings are scheduled for the coming week which we expect will lead to a produce purchase agreement. As more buyers are coming online, we are likely to accelerate further preparation of additional land for the growing operations in order to satisfy the increasing commitments, starting with the 760 HA* (1,900 acres) tract for which we have made the access road, referred to in the previous announcement in May.

* HA = hectare, where 1 hectare = 2.47 acres: going forward, we will be referring to land measurements primarily in terms of hectares, rather than acres. The hectare is the customary unit of measurement (metric) in Mexico, and we want to avoid possible confusion that could result due to conversion errors.

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