After a very productive week in Baja I am pleased to provide the following update:


  • Miguel Espino – Contel recently hired Miguel as Foreman and Supervisor in charge of all growing operations and he is making great contributions, reducing costs considerably to early estimates.
  • Contel is making rapid progress, the land will be ready in time for transplanting of the red chile pepper plants. Last week, we had 16 people working on the land preparations under Miguel’s direction, and this has now increased to 44, to complete the work required at this point.
  • Two large trailers are being delivered to the site this week, one for personnel accommodation and the other for storage.
  • The photos on the website Agricultural page illustrate a short tour of Baja Plants in San Quintin, the nursery that is growing our seedlings.
  • Additional photos show the progress that Miguel is making on the preparation of the first tract of land  – now branded with the ProGreen Farms trademark.
  • At the AgroBaja trade show we made new contacts with suppliers for farming equipment.

Cielo Mar

  • The preparation for the transfer of the deeds into Procon’s name, is progressing as planned, and an announcement will be made when completed including the details of the purchase.
  • First phase of Master Plan is underway, with Alejandro now having started on the Topographic plan as a consultant to Procon, he will formally become the General Manager of Procon in April.
  • Laura Delia Espinoza Jáuregui, Architect, has been added to the team and will also be working on the master plan.
  • The photos on the website Real Estate page show close-up pics of the Cielo Mar oceanfront land. We expect to have more pictures and videos captured from a drone to be posted in the near future.
  • We are broadening, what we now see as a “Secondary Advisory Board” for Cielo Mar. This group of individuals will have no direct responsibilities within the organization, but will provide positive influence regarding technical, social and political issues, as well as with connections and networking.

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