CieloMar_vid20190131wip – Draft Video, work-in-progress

The Cielo Mar video posted here is a draft version that our management is working on in collaboration with the architects (ESTRADA) and EXIT Realty’s franchise group, EXIT Southeast, and their marketing partner group, Southeast Ventures LLC, in preparation for the public sales launch.

We’ve received many excellent comments, suggestions, investor/developer contacts and networking, further questions, and much more from the interested public over the past two years regarding the plans for Cielo Mar. Though it has been difficult with our resource limitations to always reply directly or immediately, we are grateful for the time spent and the contributions made by those following the Cielo Mar project, and we urge anyone and everyone to continue voicing their opinions, suggestions and questions. It is our hope and expectation that over time, and before too long, all questions will be answered by our communications here on the ProGreen blog, the ProGreen Real Estate projects page, the Cielo Mar website (, and through EXIT Realty.

It can be seen in the video that much more planning and design work has been done since the latest information published on the Cielo Mar website. Everything in the video is actual, planned design for Phase I of Cielo Mar (none of it is simply commercial structures and housing for scenery). We will provide further updates on work in progress toward the project launch as it comes available, and various items and information will of course be published on the Cielo Mar site when they are completed in release draft form.