New photos and videos have been added to the agriculture project page. Many of the irrigation main pipes have now been buried, and above-ground stations are being installed. When all have been completed, the drip tubing will be added. Planting will be in 2 weeks.

The company has received inquiries regarding the recent Form D filing (available on EDGAR and OTC Markets). The Form D is a compliance requirement related to the bridge financing discussed in our previous update on March 25. As noted in the March 25 blog post, our intention is to pay off all notes in cash.

The website was launched last week, including the posting of the pre-sales reservation offer. Though lot reservations are not yet being accepted, we are very pleased with the strong interest we have already received. Those interested in reserving lots are encouraged to sign up for updates and notifications on the site, and include a message regarding their interest in front line oceanfront and/or general lots.

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