SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 17, 2017) – ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen) (OTCQB: PGUS),, Twitter @ProGreenUS; ProGreen today provided the following comments pertaining to the interview of its President and CEO, Jan Telander, on August 8, 2017, by host Everett Jolly of the Uptick Network (listen at or

During the interview, Mr. Telander described ProGreen as having two “legs” of business in Baja California, the first being agriculture and the second, real estate, and noted that ProGreen recently moved its headquarters from Michigan to San Diego to be closer to the company’s business activities and the newly established office in Ensenada.


He explained that the farming operation in Baja California was beginning the harvest last week “at this first of many ProGreen Farms™, called Arenoso, where we are growing chili peppers this year, and we anticipate to harvest up to 3,000 tons from now until close to the end of the year.”

Telander further explained — due to the current price of chili peppers being higher than normal, we could see a higher average price than we contracted for in January. So we’re looking forward to a very good first year, and going forward, we have all the land necessary for expansion.

Additional areas of the Arenoso land are being prepared to varying degrees for the next year and, with revenues now flowing from the chili pepper harvest, possibilities are being considered for a winter crop on some of the land to follow after the chili pepper harvest. We are also considering various options for improving efficiencies to obtain much higher yield per acre, with the development of new land in combination with various methods & processes that can potentially double the produce output.

(Further detail on the agricultural operations provided in the interview, as well as the in the company’s August 14th press release)


Regarding the 5,000-acre Cielo Mar development on the Pacific Coast of Baja California:

“We have 4 1/2 miles of oceanfront, and we are planning to do 3 golf courses, a marina, up to 7000 single family home lots, 3000 condominiums, 3000 hotel rooms, and obviously all of the commercial and sports areas. It’s going to be totally gated, and it’s going to be totally green.

We are going to power the (whole development) through solar roofs — something that’s starting to become a little bit more well-known now, in America, through Tesla.” Mr. Telander went further to give previously undisclosed details of one of the advanced “sustainable” technology solutions that is being planned for Cielo Mar: “Every building in the project (will be) a power station, which feeds into the grid, that goes into a battery bank, to then draw it back when you actually need it, when there’s no sun out there.

This is a very unusual development in the size of this, and in an area where we don’t have any planning restrictions — because there are no other developments around there. That gives us the ability to create literally everything from zero, and do something that would be practically impossible to do anywhere else! And that really gives an edge, in the end, of creating something totally beautiful and fantastic; and unique! I think there is nothing you will find that will be equal to this — in the very near future, at least.”

“It is only fitting that, in this area of the world that is well-known and treasured for its natural attractions — and offers a nearly ideal year-round climate — we are planning the Cielo Mar development to integrate several of the world’s most advanced, and most recently developed ‘green’ technologies,” Jan Telander said today. “I believe that Cielo Mar will truly represent the advent of sustainable living!”

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