As we have declared earlier, our plan is to have solar as the only source to generate electric power within our development, Cielo Mar. For this to be feasible, we need to join forces with a strong partner, able to provide the expertise and production capacity to provide for our large solar needs. After researching into the different solutions available, including the newly launched Tesla Solar Roofs, we do believe SolTech Energy Sweden AB (SolTech) to be the most suitable company to partner with.

SolTech, with its extensive experience in large installations, has a solar solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but that also provides technical specifications suitable for our needs. SolTech’s “solar shingles” is a building material, replacing the need for other roof cladding. It generates electricity, not only from direct sunlight – but from any light, direct and indirect – making it viable for the whole roof to serve as a power plant.

This solution will effectively eliminate the need for any electric infrastructure, which will reduce the total development cost immensely.

We are currently working with SolTech on a collaboration agreement for both the Cielo Mar development and Contel’s agriculture operations.

Once these installations begin to scale upward, the combined capacity of solar energy could very quickly elevate us to being the largest non-industrial producer of solar power in Baja California.

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