Cielo Mar Preliminary Plan Preview Documents

We are moving at a fast and accelerating pace on the Cielo Mar planning, with another review meeting already yesterday.

We have published in the video below a short clip to show some of the design behind the flat drawings that we’ve published up to this point. This initial draft of a 3D virtual tour gives a closer view of some of the areas being planned for Cielo Mar.

A drawing has been added, showing detail of lagoon island condominiums.

There is another draft Cielo Mar Presentation document posted today. In this one, we described the basis for organization of the development. It states:


  • Special organization through nodes divided by Sectors (Industrial, Tourist, Commercial, Marine, Plots Area, Sports Center, Golf Course, Airstrip, Work Plots Area).
  • Direct and indirect relationships between the areas defined, with a harmonic connection, providing for the most functional community.
  • Conserve the natural terrain with minimal impact, preserving the beautiful landscape of Cielo Mar.

Environmental Study underway – The planning involves careful design around the topography of the land, with consideration for “flow” of the community, and for minimizing environmental impact – the environmental study currently in progress by an outside party, one of the key requirements to have completed before the plan can be approved.



Cielo Mar – Prelim Draft (Click to open PDF)


Condominiums – Prelim Draft (Click to open PDF)


Cielo Mar Development Organization – Prelim Draft (Click to open PDF)