BIOS Consultants Information Page Updated

The BIOS Consultants (BIOS) information page has been updated to include a translation of various past-work projects directly on the page. This includes an impressive list of client projects and familiar names.

BIOS is performing the environmental study for Cielo Mar, and will be presenting to authorities for obtaining permits for the development. Procon believes that we are in very good hands with BIOS.

The BIOS team is using drones to inspect all of the land, with special attention being given to each of the areas with specific features described or identified by the plan (i.e. amenities, commercial centers, industrial zone, residential areas, hotels, condos).

Juan Carlos, Director for BIOS, has gathered necessary information from Procon and Estrada, and will combine with data collected from his team’s detailed inspection of the Cielo Mar land. It is his goal and intention to prepare and present answers to any and all questions by authorities about the land, the environmental study – and the development plan – before the questions are asked. This is to ensure a smooth and successful authorization/approval for the land use and issuing of permits.

The names, titles and specialty areas of BIOS’ scientific team, comprised of biologists, engineers and oceanographer, Juan Carlos, is shown below. This, plus additional information, can be found on the BIOS information sheet (“About BIOS”) that is accessible from the “Environmental” tab under “Partners / Contractors & Prospective Suppliers,” on the Real Estate Projects page (of this website).

BIOS Scientific Team